Dusigrosz 2016

A stingy man who saves all his money finds out he has daughter, which turns out to be a very expensive discovery.

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  • FR: Radin! Radin!
  • AU: Penny Pincher! Penny Pincher!
  • AT: Nichts zu verschenken Nichts zu verschenken
  • BR: Um Amável Pão-Duro Um Amável Pão-Duro
  • BG: Скъперник Скъперник
  • CA: Radin! Radin!
  • HR: Škrtica Škrtica
  • FR: Radin! Radin!
  • DE: Nichts zu verschenken Nichts zu verschenken
  • GR: Ο αρχιτσιγκούνης Ο αρχιτσιγκούνης
  • HU: A sóher A sóher
  • IL: Kamtzan! Kamtzan!
  • IT: Radin l'avaro Radin l'avaro
  • IT: Un tirchio quasi perfetto Un tirchio quasi perfetto
  • MX: ¡Qué tacaño! ¡Qué tacaño!
  • PT: Um Rico Sovina Um Rico Sovina
  • RU: Жмот Жмот
  • ES: Manual de un tacaño Manual de un tacaño
  • UA: Жмот Жмот
  • FR: Penny Pincher! Penny Pincher!
Directed by Fred Cavayé show all movies of Fred Cavayé
Artists Dany Boon
as François Gautier
Pierre Diot
as Musicien dans le plâtre
Catherine Giron
as Dame supermarché
Release date 06 Apr 2017
Genre Comedy
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